Coronavirus Quarantine and Feeling like Teens Again

In today’s world of uncertainty, individuals are going back to their youthful selves. With Coronavirus on the loose and quarantines on the rising, people are resorting back to technology. With families being stuck inside together and bonding daily, the usage of social media applications is rising.

According to Mashable writer, Anna Iovine, multiple “challenges” are being posted on applications such as Instagram and Snapchat (Iovine, 2020). These challenges are ranging from drawing fruits on your screen to playing a video-taped game with your significant other and posting it. With adults learning to navigate these social media sites, they are transforming back into their teenage days, disregarding work and the stress that comes along with it (Iovine, 2020). After playing the challenges through Instagram stories for instance, they will then be circulating among a chain of followers. Thus, leading to an increased usage of Instagram.

With an increase in social media platforms usage, business will be able to tackle the quarantine and social distancing. With the circulation of stories and videos being posted, more and more individuals will be downloading the apps. Thus, engagement rates, mentions, and sentiments of brands who participate in these “challenges” will be on the rise. In addition, with the economic downfall of the Coronavirus, more downloads of applications could lead to increased profits for the owners such as Facebook. Profits could also be increased among companies who use these applications and take part in their own challenges. Thus, leading to more rewarding and beneficial usage of the social-distancing time.

I believe in addition to the amount of engagement, the usage of these applications will also help ease the psychological discomfort of everyone being stuck inside. Increased bonding among family and friends will also ease the struggle of social-distancing, while being entertained.


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